NozzlePRO Training Course

NozzlePRO is a template-driven Finite Element software package, specifically designed for the needs of the piping and pressure vessel industries and engineers. With its easy to use interface NozzlePRO allows engineers to analyze a wide range of typical pressure vessel and piping geometries with minimal effort compared to general FEA tools due to the parametric design philosophy.


NozzlePRO, like FE/Pipe, is part of the PRG (Paulin Research Group) software suite.


NozzlePRO automatically creates the model geometry, element mesh, applied loads, and boundary conditions based on standard dimensions. Results are presented in terms of ASME VIII-2 requirements instead of generalized stress results. In NozzlePRO the focus is on nozzles, supports, saddles and skirt connections.


The course is given by one of the experienced consultants from DRG who regularly use NozzlePRO first hand for their consultancy projects.

Intended for:

  • Users of NozzlePRO software package
  • Users of other PRG software such as FE/Pipe
  • Learning about the capabilities of NozzlePRO
  • Those conducting ASME VIII-2 assessments



No prior knowledge of NozzlePRO required

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Dates, Locations & Registration


14 March 2019 (1 day)Rijswijk ZH, NL9h-17hEnglish€ 650Register
27 March 2019 (1 day)Dubai, UAE9h-17hEnglish€ 650Register
7 November 2019 (1 day)Rijswijk ZH, NL9h-17hEnglish€ 650Register
*) Prices are per person, excluding VAT. The costs include training material, lunch and refreshments during the training course.

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Training courses at a client’s site are possible on request. An additional fee may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Course Topics


  • NozzlePRO templates and their capabilities
  • ASME VIII Division 2 code overview, introduction and stress assessment
  • Nozzles in shells and heads
  • Nozzle flexibilities, allowable loads and stress intensification factors
  • Saddles and supports
  • Axisymmetric models and heat transfer

Course Highlights


  • Introduction to Finite Element Analysis for pressure vessels
  • Tutorials and seminars in the features of NozzlePRO
  • Modeling of nozzles in heads and shells
  • Explanation of Design by Analysis according to VIII-2
  • Axisymmetric models of skirts and flanges
  • Using the wizard to quickly model support and saddles