Fiberglass Engineering Training Course

Fiberglass or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) piping is a cost-effective alternative to corrosion prone metallic piping and non-reinforced thermoplastics. At the same time though fiberglass products bring along some complicating factors compared to those familiar with metallic piping:


  • The material properties are different for the hoop and axial direction
  • The properties vary since they can be customized for each specific application


After the training course the participant should be more familiar with these aspects and have a basic knowledge of the GRP specific mechanical and physical properties, and the behavior of GRP piping systems and vessels. The participant will also learn the principal differences between the available design codes for GRP systems and gain insight into the principles and critical aspects of design.


The course is given by an experienced consultant of Dynaflow Research Group. The trainer will lead an interactive training including field examples and case studies. Participants are encouraged to contribute by identifying the potential problem and finding appropriate solutions.


During the examples the piping stress package CAESAR II will be used for which no prior knowledge is necessary.

The training Fiberglass Engineering is a 3-day training course to achieve the following goals:


  • Fundamental understanding of the material and its behavior
  • Knowledge about fiberglass pipes, fittings, joints and pipe failures
  • Knowledge of installation and inspections

Intended for:

  • Mechanical engineers who work with fiberglass material
  • Understanding the specific characteristics of fibreglass
  • Learning how to apply fiberglass design codes




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Dates, Locations & Registration


02-04 September 2019 (3 days)Rijswijk ZH, NL9h-17hEnglish€ 2250Register
06-08 October 2019 (3 days)Dubai, UAE9h-17hEnglish€ 2250Register
*) Prices are per person, excluding VAT. The costs include training material, lunch and refreshments during the training course.

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Course Topics


  • Fundamentals of Fiberglass Engineering
  • Pipe and joint design
  • Installation and inspection
  • Manufacture of fiberglass products
  • Stress analysis
  • Computer modeling
  • Failures and common problems

Course Highlights


  • Explanation of differences between steel and fiberglass piping
  • Real-life examples and case studies
  • Highlights of fiberglass design codes
  • Great deal of attention to practical aspects