Pulsation Analysis using BOSpulse Training Course

This course teaches the participants the fundamentals of pulsations in piping systems and a how to assess these pulsations based on the API 618 and API 674 codes.


The training course is intended for engineers involved in the acoustic and/or mechanical design of the piping upstream or downstream of a reciprocating equipment. The participants will be introduced to the theoretical background of pulsation analysis, and will then be led through how to conduct a code conforming analysis for reciprocating equipment using BOSpulse.


BOSpulse makes it possible to investigate the impact of the pulsations due to reciprocating pumps and compressors in piping systems. The built in-code compliance assessments allows for easy evaluation of conformance with API618 or API674. The course will include how to effectively mitigate excessive pressure pulsations and how to model these mitigations correctly using BOSpulse. Detailed explanation of the effects of dampener configurations, bottles, and other pressure suppression methods will be illustrated using BOSpulse.


The training course will be taught by an experienced engineer from DRG. The engineer is involved in pressure pulsation analysis on daily project work and is also actively working with the software team on the constant development of BOSpulse.

Intended for:

  • Those interested in understanding the theoretical background to pulsation problems
  • Engineers involved in API618 and API674 pulsation analyses
  • First time users of BOSpulse



Basic knowledge of flow analysis is not required but beneficial

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Dates, Locations & Registration


23-24 May 2019 (2 days)Rijswijk ZH, NL9h-17hEnglish€ 1500Register
08-09 September 2019 (2 days)Dubai, UAE9h-17hEnglish€ 1500Register
03-04 October 2019 (2 days)Rijswijk ZH, NL9h-17hEnglish€ 1500Register
*) Prices are per person, excluding VAT. The costs include training material, lunch and refreshments during the training course.

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Training courses at a client’s site are possible on request. An additional fee may apply. Please contact us for more information.

**NEW** BOSpulse training course by videoconference


8-10-12-15-17-19 July 2019 (6 times x 2 hours)4 pm-6 pm CESTEnglish€ 1500Register
*) Prices are per person, excluding VAT. The costs include training material

Course Topics


  • Fundamentals of pressure pulsations and acoustics
  • Pulsation analysis for compressors according to API618
  • Pulsation dampener and bottle design
  • Pulsation analysis for pumps according to API674
  • Mechanical response and coupling with piping stress programs
  • Explanation of pulsation analysis in BOSpulse

Course Highlights


  • Explanation of all of the features of BOSpulse.
  • Numerous practical examples to gain proficiency in using BOSpulse
  • Step by step explanation to conducting API pulsation studies
  • Theoretical background to acoustics in a piping system