Surge Analysis using BOSfluids Training Course

This training course is the starting point to improving your effectiveness in solving transient flow and pressure surge (water hammer) problems. During this 2-day training course, Surge Analysis using BOSfluids, you will learn how to solve surge/water hammer problems and other transient flow issues such as relief valves or tube rupture.


The course will be formed of a series of seminars and varied case examples based on the consulting experience of DRG.


In doing the examples participants will make use of the software BOSfluids. BOSfluids has been specially developed by DRG to assess the transient flow behavior of liquid and gas carrying piping systems. During these example exercises participants will learn how to use BOSfluids effectively. No prior experience in BOSfluids is required.


The training course will be given by an experienced trainer from DRG, who is not only regularly involved in surge studies during his daily work, but is also actively working with the software development team to improve BOSfluids further.

Intended for:

  • Those involved with and dealing with surge and transient flow problems in piping systems
  • Users of BOSfluids
  • Learning more about the capabilities BOSfluids



Basic knowledge of flow analysis is not required but beneficial

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Dates, Locations & Registration



26-27 May 2020 (2 days)Rijswijk ZH, NL9h-17hEnglish€ 1500Register
23-24 August 2020 (2 days)Dubai, UAE9h-17hEnglish€ 1500Register
13 Oct-14 Oct 2020 (2 days)Rijswijk ZH, NL9h-17hEnglish€ 1500Register
*) Prices are per person, excluding VAT. The costs include training material, lunch and refreshments during the training course.

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Training courses at a client’s site are possible on request. An additional fee may apply. Please contact us for more information.

**NEW** BOSfluids online training course



Release DateLocationTimeLanguagePrice*
1 March 2020Englishto be determinedRegister
*) Prices are per person, excluding VAT. The costs include online training material.

Course Topics

  • Water hammer/surge fundamentals
  • BOSfluids fundamentals
  • Modelling pumps
  • Ways of categorizing flow
  • Modeling and analysis of various upset conditions
  • Tube rupture
  • Blow down scenarios
  • Modelling of surge tanks and vacuum breakers
  • Determination of unbalanced loads

Course Highlights

  • Important points to consider in conducting a surge analysis.
  • Explanation of all of the features of BOSfluids.
  • Numerous examples to gain proficiency in using BOSfluids.
  • Theoretical background to fluid transients in piping systems.