Quick and Easy Analysis of Piping and Pressure Vessel Components

NozzlePRO is a dedicated software solution for piping and pressure vessel components. It brings the accuracy of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to the engineering community for general design and analysis. NozzlePRO is based on the technology offered in FE/Pipe with a user interface that simplifies input and allows engineers to quickly analyze piping and pressure components with a high degree of accuracy.


The technology incorporated in NozzlePRO is a significant improvement over the limitations inherent in WRC 107/297 methods. WRC methods are only accurate across a small subset of ranges found in industrial applications, whereas NozzlePRO is mainly constrained by the geometry of the component to be modeled.


NozzlePRO is designed to quickly and easily evaluate nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes and clips according ASME VIII Division 2. A variety of head types are allowed including spherical, elliptical, ASME, dished, cylindrical and conical. A minimum number of values must be input to generate the model. The engineer is able to include thermal, weight, operating, occasional, pressure, wind and earthquake loads. The output is shown using comprehensive ASME code compliance reports.

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Software Capabilities

in-nozzlepor-textNozzlePRO is a powerful and fast 3-D FEA tool for modeling nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes and clips. It can perform automatic fatigue calculations to comply with piping and pressure vessel design codes. NozzlePRO contains the following modules:


  • Detailed material database MatPRO
  • API579 Fitness for Service
  • High temperature Creep-Fatigue Interaction (ASME Section III Subsection NH)
  • FE107 and FESIF
  • Improved SIF calculation according ST-LLC 07-02 PRG/ASME report


NozzlePRO allows the user to use axisymmetric or brick FEA elements. This functionality was added to permit a more accurate analysis of cyclic pressure stresses in thick-walled intersections; and for geometries not directly amenable to shell solutions such as non-inte¬gral re-pads and overturning moments on skirts. The brick capability also provides a basic steady state and transient heat transfer calculation with the automatic positioning of Stress Classification Lines (SCL’s) and ASME Code stress evaluations.


NozzlePRO also provides piping elements to evaluate the effect of pipe thermal expansion on the nozzles. This capability results in a much more accurate evaluation of loads and displacements on the nozzle and in the piping system. Straight sections, elbows, bends, intersections and linear restraints may be included in the analysis.


Licensing, Support and Training

NozzlePRO is available in two license types; a Standalone license and a Network license. For a price quotation please fill out the Information Request Form. For a trial version of NozzlePRO, please fill out the Demo Request Form.


Technical support is available to all DRG customers with a current support agreement/service plan. If any issues are encountered during the installation procedure or the use of NozzlePRO, contact us by phone during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM [GMT+1]) or by e-mail. When submitting a support request via e-mail, we highly recommend you to include your model file along with your support request. This will give our support team the best chance of providing a thorough and quick response.


For future and existing users of NozzlePRO we also offer a 1-day training course. For more information, please visit our Training Courses webpage or contact us by email for more information.