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Software development kit for advanced numerical simulations

Jive is an open source, research-oriented C++ programming toolkit aimed at solving partial differential equations (PDEs). It provides a collection of functions and data structures for transforming a PDE into a system of equations; for solving such a system of equations; and for computing quantities derived from the solution. It provides support for various numerical methods, including the (extended) finite element method, the discontinuous Galerkin method, and the discrete element method.


Parallel computing support


Jive has been constructed from the ground up with support for parallel and multi-core computers. It supports domain decomposition (with and without overlapping sub-domains) and functional decomposition. When using domain decomposition, an entire simulation – including both the assembly and solution phase – can be executed in parallel.

Image from the Jive Viewer
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Software Capabilities

Jive is a flexible C++ programming tool kit for building numerical applications. It provides a large collection of functions and data structures, bundled into classes, for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) and for other types of numerical operations, including data analysis and data visualization.


In particular, Jive provides classes for example for:


  • Transforming PDEs into (non-linear) systems of equations
  • Solving such a (non-linear) systems of equations
  • Computing quantities derived from the solution
  • Storing and manipulating unstructured grids of arbitrary dimensions
  • Building dense and sparse matrices
  • Performing (sparse) matrix and vector operations
  • Adding and deleting degrees of freedom on the fly
  • Evaluating many different types of shape functions
  • Performing geometrical operations

More information

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