Free Piping Viewer

BOSview is a free viewer for piping system file formats. It can also be used to share BOSfluids and BOSpulse simulation results. BOSview is compatible with the following file formats:

  • BOSview files (*.bvz);
  • CAESAR II Neutral files (*.cii);
  • Piping Component Files (*.pcf);
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BOSview files are created by DRG software products. These files may also contain BOSfluids and BOSpulse simulation results, which can be reviewed in a similar manner in BOSview as in the licensed version of the software which was used to create the files.


CAESAR II Neutral files are used to import or export data from the pipe stress analysis program CAESAR II. Besides Caesar II, various other programs dealing with piping systems are able to generate these files.


BOSview can also import a piping model from a single or a collection of Piping Component Files that can be created by various CAD tools. When opening a PCF file, some options are available to ignore elements with a small length or diameter and fix common errors in PCF files, such as mismatching coordinates that would lead to several disjoint groups of pipeline sections.