Waterhammer and Surge Analysis software

BOSfluids is an interactive computer simulation package that models steady state and transient flow in liquid or gas carrying piping systems. The software package analyses fluid transients and relates this information to the forces, pressures, flow rates and velocities experienced in the piping system with engineering accuracy. Common problems in the Oil&Gas, Power and Water industry are addressed such as Jetty loading, tube rupture, fire water systems, cool water systems, oil transportation lines, in plant piping surges due to valve closure and pump trips. The software uses a clear and detailed 3D interface designed for strong interaction with typical Oil&Gas software packages such as pipe stress software.


More than 30 years of experience with Oil&Gas problems has been incorporated in BOSfluids and we are continuously transferring our knowledge and that of our users into new versions of the software.

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Software Capabilities

The BOSfluids user interface creates a streamline procedure for the input, output and analyses of the piping network. The piping network is created through the user input of nodes and elements that are instantly illustrated in the 3D viewer. The user selects the type of element from the list, (i.e. pipe, valve, pump or surge vessel), and fills the required parameters relating to that element, with the element displayed in the 3D viewer.


The 3D viewer allows the user to visually inspect their piping network as they are creating it. This assists the user to observe any potential errors as they are creating the piping network. Likewise, the user can interact with the 3D viewer by rotating and panning the model, and selecting elements to modify the input parameters.

New features

For an overview of the latest features please consult the BOSfluids Release Page.


Development news

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BOSfluids interfaces

Already built your model in another (stress) package?


BOSfluids can import CII files (CAESARII neutral files) thereby preserving the original node numbering. This allows stress engineers to use models built in any software packageCAESAR II
that supports the CII format. in order to calculate the unbalanced forces induced for example by water hammer or reciprocating equipment. The calculated results can easily be transferred back to evaluate the mechanical effect on the piping structure.


Click on one of the images below for detailed instructions.

Licensing, Support and Training

BOSfluids is available in two license types; a Standalone license and a Network license. To provide you with flexibility, the license can either be purchased or leased. For a price quotation please fill out the Information Request Form. To experience BOSfluids immediately, please fill out the Demo Request Form and a link to download our free demo version will be sent to you.


Every purchase of BOSfluids includes support which covers installation and basic software questions. If any issues are encountered during the installation procedure or the use of BOSfluids, contact us by phone during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM [GMT+1]) or by e-mail. When submitting a support request via e-mail, we highly recommend you to include your model file along with your support request. This will give our support team the best chance of providing a thorough and quick response.
DRG has a profound knowledge of fluid flow projects, with a team of engineers who use BOSfluids on a regular basis. In case you are interested in additional modeling support or the construction and/or analysis of a complete piping model by DRG. Contact us for information by e-mail.


For future and existing users of BOSfluids we also offer a 2-day training course. The training course is intended for engineers involved with surge analysis and flow assurance in piping systems. Participants will be introduced to the theoretical background of transient flow analysis and gain improved capabilities to perform transient flow analyses using BOSfluids. Please visit our Training Courses webpage or contact us by email for more information.

Tutorials and demo movies youtube

New Pipe Line element!


This demonstration of BOSfluids explains the use of the pipe line element. This element can be used to simulate a combination of regular pipe elements, valves, bends, etc. This element can be useful when, for example, the exact routing of the piping is not available during the analysis of the system.

Batch Plot Generator


This demonstration of BOSfluids explains how to save your 2-D results plots for easy export. The batch plot gives users the option to save their required results and plot settings for fast regeneration of the plots when new results are available when the system settings were modified and a new simulation was performed.

Duplicating elements


This demonstration of BOSfluids explains the new feature that allows users to easily duplicate large sections of their model in order to speed up modelling time.

BOSfluids tutorials


The tutorials guide users through a number of aspects of BOSfluids.

Besides the “Getting Started” tutorial that explains the process of building a model, defining boundary conditions and the basics of post- processing , there are tutorials that explain how to setup a Water Hammer experiment, how to include Safety Relief Valves and what steps to take to perform Tube Rupture simulations.