DRG has developed in-house software products for many years. Our main in-house developed software packages are our flow analysis tools BOSfluids and BOSpulse and our research-oriented numerical software Jive and Hades. DRG is also a vendor for several other CFD and Finite Element software packages.


Our academic experience and close connections with a number of Technical Universities allow us to maintain a detailed knowledge of state-of-the-art numerical methods. This knowledge, combined with our software engineering skills, enables us to deliver technical advice, tailor-made applications and software development tools that help you maintain a leading edge in your business.

Flow Analysis


BOSfluids is an interactive software package for the simulation and analysis of fluid flow through pipeline systems. It is an effective tool to study the steady state and transient flow conditions and analyze flow rates, pressures and reaction forces in piping systems.




BOSpulse is a harmonic flow solver for the simulation and analysis of reciprocating equipment. Use this software package to study harmonic pressure pulsations in piping and to check the results against the allowable pulsations prescribed by the API standards.




HELYX is a CFD toolbox based around the Open Source CFD framework OpenFOAM. HELYX is made to address the need of the CFD engineer for an intuitive and streamlined Graphical User Interface around OpenFOAM, without the high license costs charged by other vendors.



Structural Analysis


FEPipe includes a comprehensive set of standard templates for finite element analysis of piping, pressure vessels and structural support systems. Sophisticated models are built using basic inputs; diameter, length, thickness, loads, etc.




NozzlePRO offers component analysis capabilities of nozzles, supports or saddles on piping and pressure vessels. It includes a set of specialized programs which address specific engineering analysis needs.





Jive is a flexible C++ programming tool kit for building numerical applications. It provides a large collection of functions and data structures, bundled into classes, for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) and for other types of numerical operations, including data analysis and data visualization.




Hades is a Discrete Element Method (DEM) program to simulate the behaviour of large collections of (rigid) particles that mutually interact and that are influenced by their environment. It allows users to mimic their real-life experiment in a numerical way to obtain better insight into their granular problems.


HELYX OS is an Open Source Graphical User Interface designed to work with the latest version of OPENFOAM. HELYX OS has been created to facilitate the usage of the standard OPENFOAM libraries, by removing the complexity of text based case definition in favour of an intuitive easy-to-use graphical user interface.





BOSview is the free viewer for BOSfluids and BOSpulse. Use BOSview to share your exported BOSfluids and BOSpulse simulation results with everyone who does not have a licensed version of the software.




ISOtracer is a new tool for engineers involved with modeling piping systems for static/dynamic stress simulations, fluid flow simulations or other piping systems. Using this brand new tool, managing your isometrics, generating a piping model and marking up changes has never been easier.




BOS B31 is a simple to use, sophisticated, hydraulic-structural interaction computer program designed by the Dynaflow and Paulin Research Groups and based on more than a quarter century of practical design and analysis experience. BOS B31 computes displacements, reaction loads, stresses and life predictions for many common hydraulic piping problems, starting with any CAESAR II piping model file.