Research Projects

Dynaflow Research Group is involved in a number of research projects together with partners from industry and academic society.

DRG contributes to broadening the knowledge of flow and mechanical problems in the oil and gas industry. This knowledge is also used to improve underlying methods in its software packages BOSfluids and BOSpulse.

CFD for two-phase flow in a splitter used for offshore oil and gas production

Together with our partner Shell, DRG is investigating the use of advanced CFD techniques to resolve the two-phase flow in subsea pipelines and risers. The simulation results are compared to Shell experiments for validation purposes.

Cavitation experiments to improve the numerical cavitation models present in BOSfluids

DRG is performing cavitation experiments in the two-phase facility Alphaloop at Deltares. Rapid valve closure is used to generate (large) cavities that are measured using both liquid level and pressure gauges. The experimental results are used to validate the computed results obtained using BOSfluids.

Design of a small-scale experimental setup to study the effects of severe slugging on a riser pipeline

DRG has developed its own small-scale experimental setup to illustrate severe slugging in vertical riser pipes. Water and air is injected in a transparent pipe system to study the liquid to gas ratio on the slug formation.

Foam Rheology and Suppression

Foam research plays an important role in various branches of industries, examples are the food and petro-chemical industries. The knowledge and behavior of foam grows and physical models become more sophisticated. However, due to its complexity and broad variety of applications there are still enormous challenges in this field.


Based on an agreement between Frames Separation Technologies and Dynaflow Research Group a research program has started to encompass the various topics of foam.

Paulin Research Group (PRG)

Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) has a long-lasting relationship with PRG founded by Tony Paulin. Tony Paulin is the original author and architect of the CAESAR II pipe stress analysis program and established PRG to apply the latest FEA technology to the piping and pressure vessel industries. PRG develops FEA-based software for the Power, Petrochemical, Offshore & Chemical industries, FE/Pipe, NozzlePro and PCL Gold.


As part of the partnership between DRG and PRG, Dynaflow Research Group offers support and consulting services to all PRG software packages.


Additionally, we have worked closely together on webinars and trainings on a variety of subjects including ASME VIII Division 1 and 2, FE/Pipe and PCL Gold. In relation to PCL Gold, DRG has extensively researched improved SIF (Stress Intensification Factors) prediction using FEA techniques.