Process & Power Piping

The field of piping encompasses process and power piping, pipelines, those that are buried, those installed at loading terminals or jetties and many more applications. The piping may be subject to a feasibility study or studies during the design phase, but even more challenging are those piping systems that are part of the revamp of an existing plant to maximize output. Flow-related problems such as slugging, surge-related phenomena and cavitation can also put severe loads on the piping.

Piping Systems

DRG provides engineering services for process and power piping, pipelines, those that are buried, those installed at jetties and many more applications.

Services for Existing Piping

DRG assists the client with turnaround support and dedicated Fitness for Service analyses.

Static and Dynamic Analysis

Both code compliant and pragmatic solutions are determined based on static and dynamic analysis.

Process Piping

Piping on refineries, chemical plants and flow stations.

Buried Pipe Lines

Under ground pipelines pose special requirements to piping.

Steam Lines

High temperature lines pose challenging design problems.

(Off) Loading Terminals

Special requirements apply to piping at (off) loading terminals.

Turnaround Support

Unexpected problems may arise during the turnaround period.

Fitness for Service Analysis

Expert knowledge is required to perform a Fitness for Service analysis.

Inspections & Site Visits

A site inspection is a useful method for review of an existing piping system.

Static Piping Analysis

A variety of piping designs can be investigated based on static piping analysis.

Dynamic Piping Analysis

A more detailed and less conservative analysis method.

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