Pressure & Thermal Equipment

The field of Pressure & Thermal Equipment is broad and encompasses not only pressure vessels, boilers, tanks and heat exchangers of various configurations, but also stacks, flares and chimneys. Apart from the common pressure and thermal loads, these types of equipment can also be subject to severe thermal gradients during start-up conditions, highly cyclic loads giving rise to fatigue, and dynamic environmental loads such as wind and seismic activity.

Dynaflow Research Group can analyze these problem types through selection of the most suitable software from a wide range of available software packages. Code calculations and finite element analyses (FEA) can be performed for Code compliance. Dynaflow Research Group also has vast experience in product improvement for example heat exchangers, mixing vessels and flow distributions systems, which can be achieved with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) or FEA.

Vessels, Columns and Tanks

Deep knowledge about Code requirements and FEA methods for the analysis of pressurized and thermal vessels of any kind.

Heat Exchangers

Flow analysis, thermal analysis, Finite Element calculations and Code calculations for the analysis of Heat Exchangers.

Fired Equipment

Dedicated Code knowledge and specific requirements for high temperature applications for the analysis of Fired Equipment.

Stacks, Flares and Chimneys

Specific structural calculations for slender structures to determine wind-structure interaction, prevent vortex shedding and more.

Analysis of vessels and tanks

Detailed analysis methods such as FEA are applied.

Mechanical Analysis for HE’s

Analysis of critical components with FEA.

Thermal Analysis for HE’s

Large thermal gradients may cause structural problems.

Flow Analysis for HE’s

Flow analysis to study unwanted effects such as dead zones and turbulence.

High Temperature Structural Analysis

Thermal stress analysis combined with flow analysis.

Fatigue Analysis

Cyclic service data is translated into fatigue damage.

Creep Analysis

Creep phenomena is analyzed based on (forecasted) long-term operation data.

Flow and Combustion Analysis

Analysis of combustion process in high level of detail.

Dynamic response of Stacks, Flares and Chimneys

Analysis of wind-structure interaction.

Guyed Flares, Stacks and Chimneys

Design and analysis of guy supporting.

Structural Integrity of Stacks, Flares and Chimneys

Analysis for high environmental loads.

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