Pressure & Thermal Equipment and Piping

The fields of Pressure & Thermal Equipment and Piping encompasses all process and power piping, buried or above ground, pressure vessels, boilers, tanks and many more.


The piping may be subject to a feasibility study or studies during the design phase, but even more challenging are those piping systems that are part of the revamp of an existing plant to maximize output. Flow-related problems such as slugging, surge-related phenomena and cavitation can also put severe loads on the piping.


Pressure vessels, boilers, tanks, etc. can be, apart from the common pressure and thermal loads,  subject to severe thermal gradients during start-up conditions, highly cyclic loads giving rise to fatigue, and also dynamic environmental loads such as wind and seismic activity.


Dynaflow Research Group can analyze these problem types by selection of the most suitable software from a wide range of available software packages. Code calculations and finite element analyses (FEA) can be performed for Code compliance.

Process & Power Piping

DRG is a specialist partner in piping and pipeline studies. Assistance in new designs and for existing systems can take the form of structural integrity verifications and/or flow-related studies.

Pressure & Thermal Equipment

Detailed Code knowledge, state of the art analysis techniques and a broad experience with different equipment types makes DRG the preferred partner for the analysis of pressure & thermal equipment.


DRG is a specialist partner for the analysis of piping dynamics and vibrations as well as vibration measurements.

Piping Systems

Engineering for piping, pipelines and loading arms.

Turnaround Support

Unexpected problems may arise during the turnaround period.

Fitness for Service

Expert knowledge is required to perform a Fitness for Service analysis.


A site inspection is a useful method for review of an existing piping system.

Static Analysis

Piping studies for any kind of load.

Dynamic Analysis

Detailed analysis methods applied to all relevant Codes and Standards.

Vessels, Columns & Tanks

Detailed analysis methods applied to all relevant Codes and Standards.

Heat Exchangers

Flow, thermal and structural analysis are combined.

Fired Equipment

Analysis of harsh conditions using combined analysis techniques.

Stacks, Flares & Chimneys

Special structural challenges exist for slender structures.

Flow-Induced Vibrations

Dynamic piping effects due to flow transients.

Compressor & Pump Vibrations

Pump or compressor vibrations can be harmful to the piping.

Vibration Measurements

Measurements for assessment of pipe vibration.

Fluid Transients

Waterhammer-related issues that cause pipe vibrations.

Wind loads on chimneys

Resonance effects on slender structures loaded by wind.

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