Piping and Equipment Vibrations

Vibrations can pose a serious hazard to pressurized equipment. Especially piping is susceptible to vibrations due to its slenderness. Vibrations can arise due to machinery such as pumps and compressors, but also due to a large variety of flow-related phenomena. Dynaflow Research Group has a deep knowledge of the various disciplines involved in vibration-related challenges and applies this to address the vibration issue using an integrated approach. Assistance can be provided by the evaluation of vibration levels with measurements, by solving a vibration problem at hand or by a design study for pulsation generating equipment.

Fluid Transients and Wind

DRG provides consulting services and engineering solutions to solve vibration problems that pose a hazard to the continuity of the process.

Machine Dynamics

DRG analyses and consults on flow-induced vibrations, both during the design phase of a system and to solve vibrations during system operation.

Vibration Measurements

To determine the necessity of mitigation measures or to support computerized vibration analysis, DRG can perform on-site vibration measurements.

Fluid Transients

Water hammer-related issues that cause pipe vibrations.

Wind Loads on Chimneys

Resonance effects on slender structures loaded by wind.

Compressor & Pump Vibrations

Pump or compressor vibrations can be harmful to the piping.

Vibration Measurements

Measurements for assessment of pipe vibration.

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