Inspections, Installation & Failure Analysis of FRP

Inspections and installation

For fiberglass installations much attention should be placed to the jointing of pipes. Most axial failures occur in joints. The hydrotest is one way of assessing the quality of joints; a drawback of fiberglass is that Non Destructive Testing methods (NDT’s) to test the quality of a specific joint are not available. The quality of a system is therefore dependent on the care with which the pipe jointers work as well as the supervisor’s ability to spot poor workmanship. Using experience in the behavior of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) and proper installation guidelines as well as knowledge of the mechanics of the fiberglass material DRG has been successfully involved in inspection of many fiberglass installations throughout the world.


Failure analysis

Unfortunately failures of FRP systems occur. The type of failure tells a lot about the nature of the failure. The reasons for failure can be many, poor design of the system, excessive soil loading, wrong installation, poor material quality. Finding the root cause of failures is essential and not always obvious. When the cause of a failure is determined to the required degree of certainty; modifications specifically tailored to the applicable system and its operation are proposed to solve the problem.