Flow Assurance

The deliverability of hydrocarbon products from the reservoir to the end user is essential to the success of oil and gas developments, but often turns out to be the bottleneck of the system. Pipelines, either onshore or offshore, play a vital role in ensuring a reliable, manageable and profi­table flow of fluids from the reservoir all the way up to the refining point.


DRG has years of experience in using multiphase pipe flow software to understand the multiphase fluid flow from the well to the oil rig or refinery. In close collaboration with clients and partners, DRG studies complex flow assurance challenges to meet the project requirements and schedule.

Our partner Ove Bratland has extensive experience in consulting major oil exploring companies (Statoil, Aker Kvaerner, SINTEF, BP, Petronas, etc) how to increase their profit. He is also the author of two leading books in Flow Assurance (Pipe flow 1: single phase flow assurance and Pipe flow 2: multi-phase flow assurance).


We have experience in the following fields:

  • Flow Assurance simulations using OLGA and Ledaflow
  • Water hammer and surge analysis using BOSfluids
  • Multiphase flow regime prediction
  • Detailed flow analysis using advanced CFD methods


An extensive track-record is available on request.

Our portfolio includes and is not limited to the following projects:


  • Statoil – Various simulations of subsea control system response times
  • Statoil – Revision of well control systems for all their oilfields in the North Sea
  • Statoil – Pressure margin study of NorFra, one of the world’s longest subsea gas export pipelines
  • Aker Kvaerner – Pressure pulsation study of subsea control systems (stretching over 3 years)
  • Petrojet – Design verification of finger-type slug catchers
  • BASF – Water hammer and dynamic analysis of multiple Jetty’s
  • Jord Oil & Gas – Surge and pulsation of off-shore compressor stations
  • Flow Assurance Training Courses provided to ADNOC, SPT Group, Petronas, Statoil, National University of Singapore, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, IQPC, etc.