Flow Analysis

DRG has more than 20 years of experience in solving water hammer and pulsation problems. To solve these problems and prevent process lines from malfunctioning, DRG has developed BOSfluids and BOSpulse. These professional software solutions can be used to prevent surge damage caused by water hammer, air entrapment, inadequate surge vessel sizing or filling-up a pipeline.


Upstream and downstream process lines often involve mixtures of fluids that may consists of multiple phases as well. DRG has a long track record in solving problems associated with the occurrence of multiphase flows, which often consist of water, oil, gas and sand particles using Computational Fluid Dynamics techniques.

Ensuring safe and continuous deliverability of upstream Oil & Gas production.

Identifying problems and prevention of surge pressure failures due to water hammer, entrapped air, surge vessel sizing and filling-up of piping systems.

CFD analysis of multiphase flow separation, mixing vessels, flow induced vibrations, heat transfer in storage tanks and pumps and compressors.

Conducting both small scale and large scale experiments to ensure state of the art knowledge and increase the accuracy of our software packages.

Flow Assurance

Ensuring deliverability of hydrocarbon products.

Water Hammer Analysis

Surge analysis using BOSfluids and evaluation of the unbalanced forces on the piping system.

Dump Lines

Critical lines transporting dangerous chemicals at high pressures.

Steam Lines

High temperature and high pressure process lines.

Flow Separation

Design and verification multiphase flow separator.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Simulation of full three-dimensional flow fields for single and multi-phase applications.

Research Projects

To exchange and improve knowledge and validation of BOSfluids.

Critical Surge Scenarios

Using BOSfluids to assess the most critical surge scenarios.

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Learn about transient flow response phenomena in piping and how to perform a surge analysis using BOSfluids in order improve the performance of your piping system.