Fiberglass Piping

The last decades have seen a large growth in the use of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) piping. The most common materials for FRP piping are Glass Reinforced Poly/Vinyl-ester resin (GRP/V) and Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) resin. Their uses differ per production process and product size. The advantages of FRP piping compared to traditional steel piping are the superior corrosion resistance as well as considerably lower weight. The lower weight results in easier and more cost effective handling of the piping. Dynaflow Research Group has a long standing experience with fiberglass piping. DRG has been involved in R&D of many different Fiberglass applications for various suppliers, users and research institutes. DRG is a founding member of the ISO14692 committee, the DNV Committee for certification of fiberglass craftsmanship and is (co-)author of many technical papers and code contributions. DRG is often consulted by many of the major fiberglass suppliers as an independent consultant for our practical approach to fiberglass engineering solutions.

System & Component Design

We perform assessment of stress and loads for FRP piping systems and FRP components to minimize the risk of failure and maximize use of material.

Failure Analysis

We help our clients to quickly find the root cause of failure in fiberglass installation so fast repairs can be made that allow safe operation in the future.

Surge Analysis

Based on many years of experience we identity critical transient scenario’s and determine practical solutions for the effects of water hammer.

Inspection & Installation

From checking of the design and inspection of manufacturing and installation we maintain a high quality fiberglass system that will operate failure free throughout its operational lifetime.

Cooling Water Systems

Both in the design phase as during operation our consultancy services help to keep this backbone of any refinery in operation.

Fire Water


With our experience in transient flow phenomena and dynamic behavior of piping we help ensure consistent fail free firewater systems.


DRG is a reputable Fiberglass consultant.

Failure Analysis

Where quick solutions are often essential.

Component Design

Design by analysis to save production costs.

System Design

Decades of experience in design of FRP systems.

Inspection & Installation

Ensuring high quality installation with eye for detail.

Cooling Water Systems

DRG recognizes the importance of this backbone of any processing facility.

Fire Water systems

Transient operation makes fire water systems special.

Surge Analysis

Transients flow phenomena must be identified by a surge analysis.

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