Dump & Steam Process Lines

Two of the most demanding process piping systems are steam and dump lines. Both operate under high pressures and temperatures, and multiphase flow is a frequent occurrence.

DRG is qualified and experienced and can help identify and solve the problems due to condensation and slug flow in these demanding systems.


Steam Lines

One of the most hazardous forms of lines is the steam line. Working at high pressures and high temperatures, failures can have catastrophic ef­fects.

The risk in steam lines is intensified by the po­tential formation of condensate, which results in two-phase conditions. Two-phase flow condi­tions can develop into slug flow, resulting in un­balanced loads on the piping systems, such that potential failure of the lines is a real possibility.


Generally, potential problems can be anticipa­ted during the start-up of a high pressure steam line, due to condensation of the steam when the steam enters the cold pipe line. Moreover, during the plant stop, the steam that remains in the line during the stop may condensate.


Dump Lines

In factories where dangerous chemicals or fluids are processed, it is common to have dump facili­ties to temporarily store dangerous processing li­quids during an emergency situation. Dump lines are high performance lines, as they have to trans­port dangerous liquids under high pressures and multiphase flow conditions at high flow rates.