Computational Fluid Dynamics for industrial applications

Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) is an essential tool in the analysis of various complex systems in the petrochemical industry. Due to recent advances in CFD, complex system, such as pipe line component interference, separation systems, or heat exchangers, result in an accurate prediction of the expected flow properties. This can be used to predict the performance of the system analyzed.


CFD models are easily revised and can offer many detailed insights into the flow physics. Therefore, CFD can be used to replace expensive and time-consuming methods such as tests or be used for system where no measurements are possible.


Specialized CFD for the following systems:

Benefits of using CFD:

  • Quick, low-cost method for design iterations
  • Quick, low-cost method to determine cause of performance issues
  • Analysis possibilities where measurements are not possible

Quote of satisfied customer: “If we had this technology twenty years ago we would have saved tremendous costs on R&D building every new prototype for an experiment


Key applications:

  • Optimizing design to improve performance
  • Validating initial design performance
  • Determining cause of performance issues
  • Feasibility study of new configurations, e.g. closely spaced filters or pumps.
  • Combination with structural analysis

DRG has years of experience in applying advanced CFD techniques. Most of our engineers have obtained an MSc or PhD in CFD and have obtained experience in using a variety of tools like OpenFOAM, HELYX, ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS CFX on a wide variety of projects.


Combining flow analysis with structural analysis:

As DRG is a multi-disciplinary engineering company we can combine the results of a CFD analysis with a structural analysis. For example:

  • Combining thermal transient study of a heat exchanger to include both the flow field and structural mechanics. This type of study can identify not only performance issue dealing with the heat exchanger in general but also reduce the chance of failure and increase total life time.
  • Combining the results of a CFD simulation of a valve with a dynamic stress analysis in order to determine any possible fatigue problems due to flow induced vibrations.

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Our portfolio includes and is not limited to the following projects:


  • Jacobs Engineering Group – Several projects including analysis of effects upstream filters on pump performance.
  • Paques – Two-phase flow reactor performance and design analysis
  • BASF – Analysis of inline components including valves to determine performance issues for BASF Antwerpen
  • EmbaffleHeat exchanger design validation and performance improvements including structural analysis
  • GLT Plus – Performance validation of out-door sprinkler systems under different wind conditions.
  • Frames – Performance validation of initial slug catcher design in terms of liquid carry over.
  • Clayton Burners – Performance analysis of gas/air mixing efficiency in a burner.
  • DEME – Performance enhancement of marine mining equipment.
  • Improvia – Design and assessment of bearing loads on flow internals

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