Vision and Culture

Sustainable success through craftmanship


It is our ambition to be major global engineering consultant providing practical solutions for complex problems in petrochemical industries. We strengthen our client’s competitive position in a safe, economical and environmentally acceptable manner. We believe three elements are key to achieve this goal:


  • Client comes first – DRG works closely with our clients to fully understand their issue and to ensure their aspirations are met. The proposed technical solutions are defined in close communication with our clients.


  • Effective solutions – DRG takes great care to ensure that the solutions delivered to our clients are effective in both the long term and the short term.


  • Craftsmanship – Serving clients is at the core of our business, but we also strive to create a place where talented engineers want to work. We believe that the type of problems we are solving requires a dedication and craftsmanship rarely found these days. Through extensive training and development, we turn our engineers in unique craftsman and bring them to the top of the industry.

Sharing knowledge


We believe that it makes the world a better place by sharing knowledge related to our engineering  activities. Based on the results of our commercial and research projects we often publish papers or provide free webinars to discuss interesting engineering topics. On the DRG lectures we invite one of our clients or partners to discuss the results of a recently solved problem that they encountered. Additionally, we share our knowledge by means of a wide offering of training courses on subjects ranging from pipe stress analysis to pulsation analysis.

Pleasant working environment


Our working environment is based on respect for the individual, innovation and creativity. We value open communication, a critical attitude and a can-do mentality. Focus and flexibility are also important. We encourage people to think where no one has thought before and make significant contributions to the company.