Personal Development

Strengthen your passion for problem solving

DRG is a global and well-respected technical consultant. We assist our clients to solve their most complex and critical technical issues. These problems are often highly multi-disciplinary and we require engineers with a strong passion for solving these technical issues.


No project is the same and therefore each project requires an open and intelligent mind. Time is of crucial importance since costs associated with these problems can often be of the order of a million dollars a day.

Personal Development is key to success

DRG firmly believes that investing in our people is investing in our future. We therefore spend time and effort on training our team to become highly qualified employees by offering a tailor made training program to develop the additional engineering skills required for the work we do.


DRG is dedicated to developing our employees’ competencies and promoting individual performance. Based on personal development plans, each employee undertakes more and more activities while growing professionally.

People driven by results

At DRG, our people are our single most important asset. Whether they are advising clients on pipe-design, problem solving under extreme time pressure or developing their own skills, our technical consultants bring their talent and drive to every situation.


We seek individuals with outstanding character, a sharp analytical mind and the ability to come up with practical solutions. The consultants who come to work at DRG have a strong technical background and bring with them a wide range of practical experiences. We are proud that their presence here gives us an exceptional talent pool, and here at DRG we strive to help these talented people grow further and improve themselves professionally.