PCL-Gold Training Course

Several design codes for piping or vessel design include weaknesses in their approach which can lead to either unnecessary modification or unforeseen failures. For example, how to account for a system undergoing several different thermal cycles, large rotations, or large pressure cycles? What is the hot sustained load case? How accurate are the flexibilities and SIFs used in a model?


PCL-Gold provides an automated toolkit in order to analyze these weaknesses and more advanced piping problems in an easily accessible way. By using PCL-Gold an engineer will gain a more accurate picture of the stresses in their system and therefore be able to react appropriately to the critical aspects in their design.


This 2-day training course is specially developed to acquaint the participants with the capabilities of PCL-Gold. Using a combination of seminars and example cases, it will be shown how PCL-Gold combines the accuracy of 3-D finite element models with the beam modelling approach needed for large piping networks.



For more detailed information about PCL-Gold, please download the brochure.

Intended for:

  • Engineers in the field of advanced piping and vessel design
  • Those combining 3-D FEA with piping models
  • Engineers who use FE/Pipe and PCL-Gold software



Experience in piping and/or vessel design

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Dates, Locations & Registration


8-9 May 2017 (2 days)The Netherlands9h-17hEnglish€ 1200Register
20-21 November 2017 (2 days)The Netherlands9h-17hEnglish€ 1200Register
*) Prices are per person, excluding VAT. The costs include training material, lunch and refreshments during the training course.

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Training courses at a client’s site are possible on request. An additional fee may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Course Topics


  • Modelling with PCL-Gold
  • SIF and flexibilities in piping systems
  • Benefit of 3-D FEA together with 1-D beam models
  • Advanced load cases for code compliance checks
  • Path dependent friction and movement
  • 18DoF refractory lined pipes

Course Highlights


  • How does PCL-Gold provide increased accuracy compared to traditional approaches
  • Discussions about possible design code weaknesses
  • Overview of advanced failure mechanisms and when these need to be considered
  • Large amount of practical examples and case studies to illustrate PCL-Gold capabilities