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DRG has a proven track record in providing services for both the suppliers and operators of compressors and pumps, LNG systems and gas pipelines. We have conducted a broad spectrum of projects ranging from pulsation studies, anti-surge analysis for compressor emergency shut-down, flow induced vibrations and piping flexibility and failure studies for the vacuum insulated piping.

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API618/674 Pulsation Studies

By conducting a code conforming pump or compressor pulsation study DRG can determine if excessive pressure pulsations will occur in your system.


Services for LNG

We have had in-depth involvement in the design of LNG carrying piping and pressure vessels in LNG off-loading terminals and bunkering stations across the globe.


Flow Induced Vibrations

Piping configurations and process scenarios can lead to dynamic phenomena occurring within gaseous flows which can potentially lead to fatigue failure.


Field Services

Even if the relevant design codes were satisfied at the design stage, installation faults or unanticipated operating scenarios can lead to vibration problems in the field.


CFD for Pumps and Compressors

CFD services to model the interaction of pumps and compressors with adjacent pipelines and equipment.


Compressor Anti-Surge Studies

DRG has added an additional module to our BOSfluids software package to enable compressor Emergency Shut Down (ESD) scenarios to be modelled.

Pulsation Studies

API618/API674 pulsation and mechanical response studies.

Pulsation Dampening

Design and sizing of pulsation dampeners for reciprocating pumps and compressors.

Vacuum Insulated Piping

Piping flexibility studies for LNG lines.

Surge and Mechanical Response

Fast closing valves cause pressure oscillations and can excite piping vibration modes.

Vaporizers and Tube Rupture

Can the control system limit the maximum shell pressure in the event of tube rupture.

Flow Non-uniformity Checks

Highly distorted flow at pumps and compressor inlets should be avoided.

AIV, Acoustically Induced Vibrations

Acoustical fatigue can occur due to acoustical noise downstream of valves.

Vortex Shedding

Vibrations may arise due to vortices shed from dead-leg branches and protruding probes.

Flow Induced Turbulence

Broadband kinetic energy is generated by abrupt flow changes in bends and tees.

Vibration Measurements

Field measurements identify whether remedial action is required.

Fatigue Assessments

Determine if fatigue failure could occur due to vibrations in the piping.

Compressor Anti-Surge Studies

Prevention of surge during the emergency shut-down of a centrifugal compressor.

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CAESAR II dynamics

Become competent in using CAESAR II as a tool for solving and identifying dynamic issues in piping.



Investigate the impact on piping of pulsations due to pumps and com­pressors and evaluate so­lutions, such as compression dampeners or geo­metric changes.