CFD for Pumps and Compressors

Challenges of pumps and compressors interacting with adjacent equipment

Our in-depth knowledge of internal fluid flows and rotating equipment paired with our experience in structural mechanics enables us to provide full-system consulting of pumps and compressors with adjacent pipelines and equipment. Our projects have ranged from using CFD to calculate the non-uniformity in the flow upstream of pumps and filters to the root-cause analysis of failures.


At DRG, as part of our technical partnership with Engys Ltd., we use the HELYX CFD toolbox based around the Open Source CFD framework OpenFOAM.


Having trouble locating sufficient resources for your projects?

DRG specialists have a working knowledge of the main commercial CFD codes and can assist your project team at busy times. Our experts can quickly familiarize themselves with your processes and procedures, and work together with your team to meet project deadlines.