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Over the years we have had projects reaching out to the far corners of the world. Come and visit the project page to see where we have been and what we have done



Upcoming BOSfluids 5.3 release: 1st June 2015!

Upcoming BOSfluids 5.3 release: 1st June 2015!

DRG is happy to announce the next release of BOSfluids, version 5.3
DRG Webinar Series 2015, register now

DRG Webinar Series 2015, register now

Dynaflow Research Group is pleased to announce the DRG Webinar Series 2015.


DRG provides a wide variety of courses.

To mention just a few:

  • user courses for beginners and experts;
  • software development courses;
  • technical courses for experts in the field;
  • and many more, also on request







    DRG is a world player when it comes to providing engineering consulting services of the design and analysis of pipeline systems

    In 2010 Habanera joined DRG thereby forming a new software division with decades of experience in the development of numerical software. As a result, DRG now also offers services that include the design and development of dedicated numerical software.





    DRG can be easily reached by car or public transport and of course by digital means.